income opportunities magazineI have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. From my earliest memories I knew I could not work for someone else. It was as if it was in my bones.

During my early twenties I married, had 3 kids, and was dead broke! So broke that if it wasn’t for my mother, we would have been homeless!

It was during these years I began to read magazines like “Small Business Opportunities”. I used to read all of the stories in this magazine hoping that one day, I could be like the people I read about and have the opportunity to be financially free in my own business.

The Internet Changed My Life

After 13 years and many failures, I found myself at age 34 still dead broke but with a stronger desire than ever to succeed.

Then, in 1998 I got my first computer and my first dial up internet connection. When I saw the online world for the first time, I couldn’t believe it. I could see the opportunity.

Immediately I started learning all I could about the internet and building websites. In the year 2000, I launched my first niche website.

A Story Changed My Future

To make a long story short, by 2003, after 5 years, I was making no money with this site. I wasn’t sure what to do.

In an amazing twist, it was a car that changed the trajectory of my business!

Let me explain…

car faxI was looking to be a used car. After searching, I found one that looked good. At this time, the newest rage was to do a CarFax report on the car (this was before dealers provided them).

So, I went to the CarFax site, entered the VIN of the car and pushed enter. CarFax spit out a report which showed there were some incidents with this car but I couldn’t see them unless I made payment. Of course, I didn’t hesitate. I made payment to see the report without even thinking.

The whole process CarFax used intrigued me. So, I set out to learn all about CarFax, reading their story and looking at their case study. What I learned was the CarFax business model and how they were able to pull in millions of customers who were begging to pay them!

Implementing What I Learned

Now, my niche site was not about cars at all. In fact, it had no resemblance to what CarFax was doing. However, I was able to take what I learned from the story of CarFax and implement some of their business model into my niche site.

What happened? My site went from making nothing to making $10,000 + per month in less than one year!

I then went on to read other stories and look at the business models of other successful blogs and niche websites. This enabled me to launch several more blogs and niche sites. This drove my income to near $30,000 per month! The amazing thing is, this all happened in a period of three years!

The Power Of A Story

There was one reason I shared my journey above. I want you to understand the power of a story.

If I had not read the many stories in the Small Business Opportunities magazine, I may never have developed the drive to push through my business failures to find success.

If I had not read the story of CarFax and learned about their business model, I may have never achieved my first success online and may never have been able to become free financially. I may have given up.

Since those early years I have had many successful blogs and niche websites and I have gone on to make millions of dollars online.

So the moral of my story? Learning from other people’s successes is an amazing way to decrease the learning curve of any venture.

The Launch Of Blogging Stories

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey reading stories and case studies gave me a deep love for learning what makes a successful blog and website. This drove me to start Blogging Stories.

My mission with the Blogging Stories website is to share true stories from bloggers and niche site owners to help other up and coming entrepreneurs.

My hope is that these stories will be the spark that you and many others need to find success in the exciting and profitable world of blogging and building niche websites.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you want to be featured on Blogging Stories.

scott lindsayAll the best,
Scott Lindsay
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